Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Random Mentions: R&B, Ink, and an Olympus Stylus

J.D. McPherson's new R&B-flavored CD, "Signs and Signifiers," is a terrific piece of retro rockabilly-swing-R&B. I think he's from a punk band I don't know. This is very different. But you can sample a bit of this great recording here.

* * *

I have a very severe pen-collecting habit, heavily influenced by German-made Lamy Safari, Logo, and Noto ballpoints. But I'm currently hunting one of Uniball's rubber-body Jetstream ballpoint pens. They work very well for lefties. The ink usually dries quickly, before I can smudge it.

* * *

As the move the digital photography hastens, I'm left with a ridiculous quantity of outdated 35mm film. Most film can be used for a year past its expiry date, unless it's been kept in a warm place (think of a car trunk). Mine has been in a generally cool basement, but not refrigerated. So this week, I'm testing a roll of chromogenic black-and-white film in an Olympus Stylus camera. I'd forgotten what a joy these are to use. Photos to come, assuming they are printable.

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