Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tickets to honesty

"How much are the tickets?"

When I see a big ad announcing a concert, that's my first question. I'm not stingy. But I am officially tired of organizations that promote concerts, gala dinners, seminars, etc., without disclosing the ticket price. Or websites that make me drill down several web pages before ticket prices pop up.

Let's be honest. (Unless you're Ticketmaster, for whom honesty is nothing more than the name of a Billy Joel song.) These events aren't free. People want to know what tickets cost.

Billy Joel, Nov. 25, 2014, NYC. (c) DKassnoff, 2014
I know a ticket to see Michael Buble or Mr. Joel is going to be pricey. There's no sense in hiding it.

I paid full price to see Mr. Joel in concert. It was worth every penny.

When I want to attend an event because I believe in the organization or admire the speaker or performer, cost isn't a deterrent. Don't waste my time by burying the price three or four screens down.

Spell out ticket prices in your ads. Simple, right?

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