Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3D TV - We'll see (or maybe not)

I don't want a 3D TV.

I don't want the joy of having to wear a pair of electronic goggles to watch an hour-long show that's got 15 minutes of advertising. I don't want the extra watts on my utility bill. I don't want another $500+ added to the Visa bill I already face when "digital TV" compels me to buy a new LCD screen. And digital cable isn't a bargain -- not with 4 "Shop at Home" channels on the invoice.

3D should be a novelty. A reason to visit the cineplex. If I wanted a home theatre, I'd build or buy one. There are plenty of defunct movie houses for sale.

TV -- 3D, LCD, digital, 1080P, whatever -- is entertainment. Nothing more. It's not my life. Sometimes, we're so busy experiencing imaginary stories on a screen that we skip the real experiences of our own lives.

That's just wrong.

But, hey, Panasonic & Samsung: when you perfect a time machine -- basically, a 4D experience -- give me a call. There are some events in my own life that I wouldn't mind experiencing again.

Beam me up.

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