Thursday, March 4, 2010

Attention, NASCAR Nation: You need a second season

The last big snow storm gave me a great idea for reviving NASCAR's falling popularity.

It needs a winter racing series.

Think about this:
  • A snowmobile racing series. Sure, you couldn't race at Daytona or Homestead, Fla., but just about every other state where there's a track got snow.
  • Forget the "truck series". (They never actuall place things in the truck beds, which is the whole purpose of driving a truck. D'uh.) You need a Zamboni series. Ever notice how Zambonis turn on a dime? The handling issues that have killed Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s career in recent years would be gone.
  • You welcome in a whole new category of sponsors: Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate. Rossignol Skis. Blizzak snow tires. Arctic Cat snowmobiles. DuraFlame logs. (Then again, given the engine fires, perhaps not.) And so on.
Best of all: you don't actually need a race track for a winter NASCAR series. Find a frozen lake and you're good to go.

However, please leave the Sprint Cup cars at home. Bad enough they don't actually have snow tires. They don't have defrosters or windsheild wipers, either.

You're welcome, NASCAR.

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